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The Top 10 Things Great Salespeople Don’t Do


Great Salespeople don’t TALK TOO MUCH and beat their chest about their great company and amazing product. They learn to SHUT UP and let the client talk to learn more about his or her needs and how to best help them.


  1. They don’t start a sales call with a presentation making claims and promises with no regard to the relevance to the decision maker. They ask great questions – the ones that other Salespeople don’t think of.  They ask questions to understand their buyer’s situation, challenges and opportunities to ensure everyone is using their time wisely.


  1. They don’t ask stupid questions that could’ve been answered by doing 20 minutes of research via websites, LinkedIn and other online resources. Great Salespeople know that money and time are two commodities that are always in short supply for buyers.


  1. They don’t have an agenda to sell everything to everyone. They focus on the potential match of their product or service to the right buyer who needs to solve a problem or maximize an opportunity.


  1. Great Salespeople don’t over-commit or stretch the truth to get the business. They are straight shooters and feel that their sincerity and authenticity to represent their client’s needs are the basis of their relationships.


  1. They don’t feel that their company’s needs come before their clients. Without clients, Salespeople would be useless to their employer.  Great Sales Managers know this and appreciate Salespeople who do their best to represent their client’s interests first and foremost.


  1. Great Salespeople don’t forget to diarize the required follow-up with clients. Talking too much and not following up are the two biggest mistakes made by most Salespeople.  Great Salespeople have the self-discipline to record follow-up and do it on time.


  1. Great Salespeople don’t avoid tough and direct conversations with buyers. They feel that their job is to tell clients what they need to hear – not what they want to hear even if it won’t be well received.


  1. Great Salespeople don’t try to go around the Gatekeeper. They respect their role and work hard to gain their favor.  Gatekeepers are decision makers – they decide to help you or bury you in your efforts to connect with buyers.


  1. They don’t use tacky, dated closing lines to push buyers into making a sale. They know that being pushy is a turnoff and find ways to encourage buyers to develop a sense of urgency to take action.