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Effective Sales Strategies and Tips from the Pros

1. Do One Thing and Do It Really, Really Well

Kevin Mako, CEO & Founder, MAKO Design + Invent

Own your niche. As MAKO Design + Invent has grown, we’ve been able to add to our specializations. However, we are still very niche, which is the go-to physical product design and engineering firm for inventors and startups. We’re the unmistakable authority in this niche and for anyone looking to take their invention idea to store shelves, we are the place to go. By owning it, you development your sales arsenal and, consequently, get more clients. It’s a strategy of exponential gains.

2. Use a CRM to Keep Track of Customer Details

Nicholas Thomas, Fit Small Business

Almost 90% of customers don’t feel salespeople are truly interested in their needs. By using a CRM, you’ll be able to keep track of customer preferences and take note of previous conversations with them. Salesforce Essentials also automatically pulls data from your email, calendar, spreadsheets, and other support channels, to get a single 360-degree view of every customer. It gives you the tools you need to plan individual conversations centered around what the customers truly want. 

3. Encourage Healthy Competition Within Your Sales Team

Chris Lipper, CEO, The Alternative Board – North Central New Jersey

The number one way to increase sales across your business is with effective sales leadership. Give your team members a reason to sell — motivate them! One of the most successful sales strategies I’ve used again and again is inside competitions. We set up several incentives for top sellers as well as a visual whiteboard, so team members can see how their faring compared to their peers.

Another motivational tactic that has worked well for our business is setting up behavioral KPIs [key performance indicators] for team members, rather than monetary ones (such as reach $10,000 a month). Behavioral goals that have worked for us include: attend four networking events in a month, host two 1-on-1s in a week and ask for 10 referrals. That way, you ensure your team is putting in the work without demotivating them with impossible numbers.

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